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DJI Matrice M30

DJI Matrice M30

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The DJI Matrice 30 is an all new all in one solution that combines all of DJI's latest transformational technologies into one portable, lightweight drone that is capable of next level flights. The M30 drone has new integrated high performance sensors with a wide, zoom camera along with an laser range finder. 

DJI have set a new standard for compact enterprise drones with the M30, now able to fly in some of the harshest of environments with its IP55 rating along with wind resistance and temperature resistance. This makes the M30 more reliable than the M300 RTK or the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced whilst having comparable performance. Enjoy some of the greatest and latest software innovations with a overhauled DJI Pilot 2 Application and DJI Flighthub 2, which aim to create more efficient and effective RPAS missions.

What's new?

 41 Minute maximum flight time.

 15 m/s maximum wind resistance & 23 m/s maximum speed.

 AI Intelligence for easier operations including smart pin and track & Waypoints 2.0

 7000m service ceiling to allow for high altitude operations

 IP55 ingress protection. 

Safe & Reliable. 

The DJI M30 has dual-vision and ToF sensors on all six sides of the aircraft, keeping it and your mission safe. There is also a built in ADS-B receiver that provides timely warnings of any incoming aircraft. 

Enhanced Transmission

Four built-in antennas support OcuSync 3 Enterprise, which enables triple-channel 1080p video transmission, and seamless swapping between input feeds, even in complex environments.

Capture Everything 

The M30 Series integrates wide, zoom and a laser rangefinder, which together can capture the aerial data you need, when you need it.

Pro Flight Controller

The 7-inch widescreen DJI RC Plus with dual control mode is tailor-made for Enterprise users.

IP54 Protection
-20 to 50oC

DJI Pilot 2 

Drone and payload controls can be easily accessed with one tap. Clear presentation of flight details and navigational information improves user experience and flight efficiency.

Pilot 2 works seamlessly with the DJI RC Plus. Screenside and customizable buttons are all within reach and enable quick operations, such as adjusting camera views and dropping PinPoints.

Ground to Cloud

FlightHub 2 offers a 2.5D Base Map for quick terrain awareness, One-Tap Panorama Sync for rapid site overviews, and Cloud Mapping for fast mapping in RGB or infrared.

Advanced Intelligence

Flight routes and missions planned in FlightHub 2 can be easily synchronized with Pilot 2. Operation data can be automatically uploaded to FlightHub 2 Media Files for unified management and analysis.