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Zenmuse H20N

Zenmuse H20N

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"N" for Night Vision. The Zenmuse H20N is the latest payload from DJI that is compatible with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK that give pilots vision beyond darkness. The Zenmuse H20N integrates starlight sensors into its zoom and wide angle cameras. Pairing this with dual zoom thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder, the H20N is now the most versatile hybrid payload on the market.  

Camera Specifications

The Zenmuse H20N comes equipped with Radiometric thermal camera (R-JPEG, 640×512 px), a Wide-angle camera (JPEG, 2 MP) and a Zoom camera (JPEG, 4 MP). 

The Zenmuse H20N is capable of:

  • 20x Hybrid Optical Zoom and 128x Maximum Zoom.
  • 2x, 8x Optical Zoom on Dual Thermal Cameras.
  • 4 MP Nigh Vision Zoom Camera and 2 MP Night Vision Wide Camera.
  • Up to 1200m range for the Laser Rangefinder. 
  • 640 x 512 at 30 fps are the specifications of the thermal camera. 


Elevate Operations Enhanced Operational Capabilities

The Starlight sensors in the zoom and wide-angle cameras allow for operations in low-light environments.

The Infrared Zoom is capable using the 2x and 8x zoom found in the two thermal cameras that enable up to 32x zoom.

The H20N allows synchronised split-screen zoom with the thermal and starlight night-vision cameras allowing for real-time comparison between the two images.


One-Tap Panorama creates 360 views of your location with a click of a button.

High-Res Grid Photos can be captures where an area can be selected in the wide view camera and the zoom camera will capture 20MP images of the area. A lower-resolution overview image will be made which can be viewed in higher resolution.

The PinPoint function allows you to mark an object in view and then receive its co-ordinates.

Smart Track allows you to capture and follow moving objects with the auto-zoom function which also provides you the object's dynamic location.

Temperatures of an object can be accurately measured allowing for reliable risk assessment from a safe distance. The Spot Meter allows  you to select a point in view and gain real-time readings of its surface temperature. An Area can also be selected where you can receive the highest/lowest and average temperatures.

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